A quiet day

Hi Everyone

Schools out for 5 days.  So here I am having a day off before I get the bus to Kathmandu tomorrow. I have cleaned my little home, done my washing (by hand of course), washed out the shower bathroom, swept my floor with the broom, tided up. Why did all this take so long, well probably because I spend so much time boiling water for drinking and bottling it, I boil more water for my Thermos just in case I need a drink and there is no electric.  I check that I have everything on charge. It just seems to take ages, sweeping constant dust out of the room is also another time consuming activity.

But here I am, it is quite warm here although the sun goes in and out.  I have spoken to my partner on skype which is a real luxury that we did not expect to have so regularly.    I have watch a man plough his small piece of land behind me, with his 2 ox’s and a manual plough being pulled along while he continuously shouted at the animals to get on with the job.  Afterwards the land is looking very good.  They spend so much time on their little bits of land, tending every small detail.  There is always so much to do to just survive really.

I have a cough at the moment so got up later today.   I have the western comfort of blackcurrant sips, and some cough mixture. I made sure that I brought plenty with me.  I have been pretty healthy while I have been here really and it is just little cough.

I also had the pleasure about 10 minutes ago of seeing 2 Eagles circling just near me, their wing span and flight is amazing to see.  I thought about getting my camera, but by the time I had decided to get it they had moved on.  There are often Eagles in the mountains.

So I am off to Kathmandu tomorrow, I suspect the journey will be a long one knowing the Nepali buses.  Maybe I will make it in 5 hours but it will be more than likely 7 hours!  I will be working with Binod my project manger do some planning for a new project.  I will be back in Besishahar on Tuesday, when we hope to go to Kudi to see some land.

Everything with our work is going well, but funds are always short as there are so many needs here and so much work I would like to do.  But hey ho as long as the money that comes it is spent correctly and we do as much as we can with it.

Please check out the website www.himalayanculturalconservation.org  there are so many way to make a difference.

All the best to everyone, keep in touch




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