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Continuing my trek to the next village of Jagot.  We had to stop at a guest house just before arriving there as there was a tremendous thunder storm and we began to get very wet.   No chance of a hot shower when I got there, a cold one and that was it.  I never realised how comfortable my western life was.  After getting wet walking or trekking and having a hot bath or shower.  But hey hoe there was not electricity, it was very cold and no hot water!  But all part of the experience (not)  it all wears a bit thin after a while.

We stayed the night there , the mattress was soft so my back thanked me in the morning.  We had breakfast and continued our trek to Jagot.  We had lunch there and decided that we could trek on to Chyamje  as we were leaving I say a lady walking along towards me that I had visited in 2008!  I was taken aback as we had searched for her again following my visit to give her support and Binod had not been able to find her.  I recognised her and she me, she was so happy to see me.  Her family was shown in my short film.  It was just like a miricle after all this time.  This lady is deaf and dumb, but she showed me how she was overjoyed to see me.  Her husband is blind, she is quite young here husband is older. I would love to show you pictures, but my speed here is impossible.   We visited them and took some details and this time we know where they are we will help them in some way, they are really poor, living in one room and the house is falling down, when I say room it is the size of a small bedroom at home.  We will help them somehow little by little. This was a real highlight for me the way we both recognised each other.  I had given her some gifts for her children on the last visit, this just made me feel so happy within myself, who needs religion!

On to Chyamje the rain began again.  We arrived and then met our supported child Bijay.  I had bought some clothes and books with me for him.  As he walked through the guest house door, I was fortunate enough to see yet another miracle!  Bijay had grown and was full faced, it was amazing.  I first met him in 2008 his parents brought him to  me he and showed me his unfortunate condition of scoliosis his back was completely twisted. At this time I was told by 2 UK GP’s that were there at the time that nothing could be done.  I told his parents this.  About a year later, his parents approached me again, as he could not walk and kept falling down, and he was not growing.   We decided to have an MRI scan done and get some advice.  So to cut a long long story short, the doctors operated, he came through well.  He wears a brace for his body still and neck support.  But his body is straight and his eyes have balanced and he has grown!!!  Such wonders or determination.  He ran to me so happy.  He has been going to school and read the English books that I gave him.  He is now 7 years old and just brings me so much happiness to see what wonders we can perform!

So then end of the trip was upon us.  We trekked to Old Jagot which is off the trekking route, where one of our supported familes are.  We got a very warm welcome.  The child we support from this village is Suman, he also had operation sto straighten his feet, as he could not walk to school or wear shoes.  We have supported him in medical and education now for nearly 3 years.   His has come a long way, he has had 2 years education in Kathmandu and able to speak Nepali and a little English.   The village old Jagot is a Gurung village and they speak their own language so it was very hard for Suman at first.  He is now just back in his village for the school holidays, he will be going to school in Besishahar from April which is closer to his cultural background.   This leg up has given his family extra enthusiasm his father has a job working with a  carpenter and he runs the mill that we had repaired.  So what a visit amazing stuff!

To see such improvements with such little funding and a lot of attention can do.  We raise just about £8,000 a year if we are lucky yet we can make such amazing differences to peoples lives.   I am convinced we can do  more work like this in Nepal.

Anyway end of the trip truck back from Jagot in the rain again……………






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