Getting ready for my trip

Hi all

Getting ready has been difficult for this trip, so much to organise and get ready.  Feels almost like moving house without the funiture. 3 months might not seem long but when you are going so far away and have a Charity to run and fundraising for, plus and OU course to keep up with, then of course there are the lesson plans (that will be done on the journey).

My final bits are being done including setting up this blog.  I hope after all the organisation my communications will interest you. So here goes the run up to my trip!

Regards Freda

2 Responses to “Getting ready for my trip”

  1. Demi

    Wishing you a succesful trip Freda.

    Knowing more about this facinating part of the Himalayas and the people that live there will be very interesting indeed as will hearing about your journey to get there.

    Most of all we look forward to hearing all your news and especially about the people that Hi Cap has been able to help.


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