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Our boys in their new hats at lunch!

Well I have been here for a few days now.  I have been organising my trip to Besisahar and setting up the 2012 accounts and planning our projects.

Yesterday I met up with two of the boys that I found in the mountains in 2008.  As many of you know they are presenting us with astonishing results. It was so wonderful to see them I am so proud of these children, my eyes fill with tears at how a life can change with such small effort but of course a lot of care and planning to make sure that things work out well.  Sanjay was just a tiny little boy when I first met him begging in the mountains, and Suman could not even walk very far as he had twisted feet.

 When I look at them both now it is just so astonishing I am so overwhelmed.  Their communication skills are now so incredible.  Recently I watch a TV programme about problem children. It showed a small girl that would not talk at school, she was a selective mute.  The health services etc., spent a lot of cash working on all sorts of physiological issues trying so many things and eventually slowly over months and months of fussing around she began to talk to her mother at school and a speech therapist. 

 You may think why am I telling you this.  My point is, when Sanjay arrived in Kathmandu to go to school, he also decided not to speak at all.  My project manager was so very worried about him and kept on saying to me what should he do. I asked if he was eating alright and whether is seemed healthy.  Binod said yes but I am so worried he does not speak. I followed my insticts and said leave him he will speak I just know he will.  Now I am no wonder woman, but 3 months after starting school he slowly began to utter some words. Now he never stops he is just amazing. As with Suman after his operation he never stops running around.  We can perform miracles with a bit of dedication and care!

See the pictures below.  I am sitting in the dining room at my guest house freezing, with a very slow internet connection.  So please enjoy the pictures and the next time we have some electricity I will update you on my trip.  Best regards to you all! Oh for central heating.


Me being met by Binod our project managerOur boys in their new hats at lunch!






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