I am here now!

Hi Everyone

I am here now at last.  It was a long tiring journey but really not too bad at all. I arrived last night at about 8pm but by the time I got out of the airport got to my guest house and ate something it was about 11.30pm. 

I slept pretty well although it was very cold.  The thing is that it is their winter but nowhere near as cold as it is in the UK but we have internal heating, (not in our bodies I don’t mean) like fires and central heating, so the temperature indoors is practically the same as it is outside here.

I started this blog yesterday but had to abandon it because it was late here and I had to leave the office. 

I am back at our office now working but am in another room my project managers bedroom actually because the sun comes in here and it makes it a bit warmer, the sun is shining and it is a beautiful, but without the sun it is chilly indoors.

I have a bit of a cold and my eyes are swollen today, but I am feeling really fit in myself better than I did yesterday. Going around on the back of the motor bike, it feels like I have never been away from this country. I did some shopping in the supermarket to get some Western types of food, it is so very expensive in comparison to the local stuff.  So much is imported from China.  The political situation here is still very bad. 

 I go around and look at the poverty here and cannot understand how people survive, it is really so different from our lives.  The people in Nepal though are so happy with what they have.  Today is Saturday their family day off.  They work 6 days a week so it really is a special day for them. 

I have had a few things go wrong.  My e-mail has not been working properly, my mobile from England should have been turned off as I do not want to pay for the rental from here as I am not at home, but that appears to still be on.

Tomorrow I will be visiting our two boys that are in Eduacation here in Kathmandu and have been doing so well.  We will take them out for the day. I will take some photographs and put them on the blog.

I will sign off now as I have a lot of work to do and I am hoping to speak to my darling Richard sometime today on Skype.  I am begining to feel pretty cold now working and no heating, but hey hoe discomfort is good for you!





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