Just before I go to our Villages

Hi Everyone

I have been awake since 4am today, as I went to bed at about 8.30 feeling so tired.  I had a fall yesterday over a rock coming back from the village area, the rock was enormous and I was looking up and did not see it.  I was not hurt at all, but felt just tired afterwards.

It is very cold here at the moment as I have to come outside to get the wi-fi signal.  The sun is glowing on the top of the mountains against the snow, it is just glorious to see it early morning.

I am going up to our villages today and hope to take lots of pictures.  The house for Raman should have commence, and we got some of our regular funding in that will also be put towards it.  So thanks to all of you that have contributed to the house.  It will be such an achievment for us when it is finished.

Please spread the word about us and direct people to the website, regular funding really makes a difference. There are so many ways to donate.

I will probably show the pictures through facebook when I return because the blog upload just does not want to know.  The internet is very slow here, but somehow facebook seems to stick with it and does not drop out.

I am about to go off now and have breakfast with the founder of the school Captain RB (that is his sorted name).  He fought in the Gurka army for the UK.

My regards and love to everyone and please send me your messages.





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