Last Weekend before I go and New Year

Had a wonderful evening with Richard and so sad that this is our last weekend before I leave.  Also realised that I will be in Nepal for the 14th Feb valentines day.  Agreed to get drunk together over skype!  Champers shortly! What a different life I will be living when I work in Nepal. I really appreciate my life here and the luxury of central heating , lovely food and my friends, family and partner.  I will so miss everyone, but with this networking thing it really makes life much easier.

Went to get my visa photo done today.  Richard doing all my IT stuff and has scanned all the winning drawings that I will be publicly displaying soon.

I am so very lucky to be able to do what I am doing and I do count myself as being a really fortunate person.

Happy New Year 2012 to you all, please send me messages to cheer me up, sometimes I am sure I will need a little support and encourgement. 4 more days and I will be off!




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  1. Caroline Moiret

    Hi Freda,

    Sorry haven’t been in touch lately because have been endlessly busy with my glass, people etc etc. Hoping I can be more organised and calm during 2012. Very envious about your trip and admiring of your committment. Have a brilliant time.




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