Messages have really cheered me up

Hi Everyone

Things have been going well here although very busy.  I have only just got to the Cyber cafe, well not only just I have been here many times, but there has been no electricity or if electricity there has been no internet connection.

I was lucky enough to see the the worst ever thunder storm on Friday night.  I was working in the school office with the headmaster doing some corrections for their bulletin, in the dark working on my laptop with a small torch on the keyboard!  The thunder was so loud the loudest ever, a bolt shot across the school office I actually the bold hit the metal bar in the window and shoot across the room.   We just carried on with our work, but it was really scary.  The next day the sun shone, that is how the weather is here!

We were preparing for a large ceremony as it is the schools 26th Anniversary and the 8th year of the death of a young boy Alex that died whilst working as a volunteer herein his gap year, he was only 18, he dies white water rafting.  The river here is very dangerous and is not to be underestimated.  This type of thing in Nepal is very common.  His parents attended the ceremony as a statue was erected.   It was a whole day of speeches etc.,  I did give a little speech, asI have been given the responsibility of the whole English department!  So I am very busy!

My project manager during this time visited our project areas.  The stones for Ramans house have been ordered!  He visited the other families and took three sacks of clothes that he collected in Kathmandu.  He also took some clothes for Aruna the little child that we sent to hospital last year, she is much better.  Some food and blankets were provided but she still needs further medical care.  So we will address that during the time I am here.  At the moment we areconcertrating all our money on the house build, which voerall will cost us 2000 pounds (no pound sign).

I thank you all for your messages, this really is my only way of communication and it may not be very often.

Must go now while we have electric I must do all the charging of my camera, phone (Nepali phone) etc.,

Love to you all






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