Not the end of the trip yet

Hi Everyone again,

I hope to take you towards the final leg of my visit to our remote villages in the Himalayan region of Lamjung.

Further visit consisted of see and the land for Ramans house and also seeing Raman.  I saw him by chance when I was trekking back on my own to the guest house.  He came after me with his grandaughter.   I was shocked at the condition of him and the child.  They had rebuilt their little hut of a house and were living there together.  The child looked so uncared for.  He showed me his hand that he had recently burned on the fire.  What a desparate state of a life they were in.  His daughter is working at a hotel in Besisahar where I am living.  I had previously spoken to her about the house that we are building for the family.  Raman was in a terrible state and so was the child I was in tears to see one of our families like this.   I asked him and the child to come back to the guest house with me.  There I arranged through the locals to supply them with 2months worth of rice and dahl.  The child Sarita was starving, and so badly looked after.

I washed Sarita  and got one of the local women to go and buy her some warm clothes.  As I washed her I noticed her thin hair and extended stomach she was obviously suffering from malnurtion, as was her brother Sanjay when we brought him from the mountains to Kathmandu.  See my previous blogs.

Below the dear child and her grandfather when I met them on the way back to my guest house and picture of her after being bathed eating with me. Wrong order but uploading takes so long please excuse!  Just one cheerful thing I have just spoken to my partner Richard on Skype and he showed me the snow out of the windon in Chelmsford.  Well we have bright sunshine here it is beautiful!  It will of course be chilly tonight, but the season is certainly changing. 



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