Second part of my trip.

Hi everyone

It took about and one and a half hours to arrive in Banhundanda where we stayed.  This was the quickest that I have done this trek.  I have to say though the weather was good, it is harder to trek in wet weather.  When we arrived we were greeted well.  We stayed at the first guest house in the village.  We rested for a while and then went off to the top of the village and just had a quick look around as it was getting late by then and trekking up and down is no fun in the dark I can assure you.

The following day we did all our planned visits.  We went to see Aruna the child who was dying when my project manager Binod was taken to her. She was supported by us to have major surgery.  She still needs some further investigation, but she has survived,but I am not sure what the real prognosis is.  We are going to ask for a hospital report to be done over the next couple of weeks. Of course all this work is money if we had more of it we would not have to prioritise over a child’s life!

More to come



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