Sleeping with Geko’s

Hi Eveyone

Well I am here!  What a wonderful experience this is. I got here at Beshishar yesterday after about an 8 hour journey.  My room was ready they had done so much to make me comfortable. I even have a little electric fire in my room. My bed was beautiful looking but so very hard. I have been out this morning and bought a foam mattress although I was assured that I could get a good mattress here but not what we are used to at home.  The back is suffering!

I met the residential children, they were so happy to see me.  Everyone is so keen to learn English and I am so sure that I will enjoy the work here.  It is a really wonderful atmosphere at the school.

About sleeping with Geko’s yes they are living with me in my room and I woke up with one on the bed next me, I have company!

I am trying to get myself organised today.  There is no internet connection at the school at the moment so I am at the cyber cafe’ at the moment struggling with a very stiff keyboard.

I am missing my family and partner Richard and my dear friend Teresa.  It is the communiction that is difficult! You all know how I love to chat.

I must be on my way back to school now. I will just be visiting the lessons today and introducing myself.

Love to you all xxx

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