So much to tell part 1

Hi Everyone

Yes so much to tell.  I don’t want to bore everyone so will try and make this as short as possible and to the point.

I am back from my mountains trip and ready to teach again at Bhu Pu School.  Very lucky today though as yet another festival day, so no school and that is great after my trip as I need to catch up with everything.

My trip to Bahundanda  and surrounding villages was stressful but rewarding.  We got a truck to Bhulbule to see one of the children that we support their.  Well I got out of the truck to give my passport in at the check point, as this has to happen because I support the area, and am not a normal trekker.  I have been given special permission for this. When in the office I suddenly realised that my mobile (Napali basic phone) was missing, I had dropped it on the floor of the truck. Panic set in all my contact numbers were on that phone and I was on my way to trek a pretty dangerous area.  My dear project manager Binod asked around at the stop shop and they said that they knew the driver of the trucks number!  So he made some calls and tracked down my phone, but I was adamant to get the  phone, as there was a Nepali certainty about it, (that means to say yes it has been found maybe, maybe!)

I saw a truck packed up with rice at the stop and asked in what direction they were going, sure enough they were going the same way as the truck.  So Binod and I discussed and decided to go to Banhundanda first.  So no time to waste the only space was in on top of the rice on an open truck.  Well what a great experience watching the drop from behind, my goodness,  well all in a days work, the groans even from Binod as were driven over huge rocks and through rivers.  This is normal but being in the back of an open truck it felt very different.

Well we got to the stop and my phone had been given in.  I have to say I have never lost anything in Nepal, people have always been so kind to me.   We then had a sit down, I let my stomach return to normal and then we trekked to Bahundanda see below the beginning of the trek accross the bridge, I used to find it a bit scary but hey ho I am still here and sois the bridge, it rocks to and fro as you walk across it and the water runs fast below it is very high.   Two of the villagers came to carry my bag so kind.  We got to the guest house in about 1.30mins, the quickest I have done that trek!

follow the story in part 2



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