Teaching is hard here

Hi everyone

I am enjoying my experiences here.  The teaching is so hard, not just lack of facilities but teaching children in a class sometimes of 43 that are mixed ability is no joke.  The background noise is so difficult to teach in plus the big classes and mixed ability, well my voice gives out by the end of the day.  I have to practically shout every word I utter to be heard.

It is obvious to me that mixed ability teaching does not work. You only have to look at some of the children’ s faces to see that everything is just floating above their heads.  I would say that 50% of the children in a classroom do not engage in the teaching.  It is very exhausting, give me some tips please guys!

Last night I have an amazing experience.  Our football team won their match and came back with 3 chickens, alive of course, it was their prize.    I stoked a live one it was very pretty, within 5 minutes it’s head was cut off and it was being plucked. I watched it all, the plucking was amazing so fast, then they were cleaned and cooked on the fire.  Yes all the residential teachers and the football team ate the chickens.  They were so happy the footballers, I took photos of all of this in the kitchen where the evening cooking is done on an open fire.

So now I have the internet, it really makes a difference even having to sit outside. Sometimes you may catch me on line, I can skype it is not too bad.  I have managed to speak to Richard twice now it was so much better than just email or phone.

I have now finished teaching for the day, and thought I would settle down and do some work and accounts for Hi-Cap.  I will try again to upload some pictures for you, but it normally fails through the blog, but check out facebook I normally have more success with that.

The best to you all and keep in touch.






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