Time to go home!!!

Hi Everyone,

Three months of Nepal and on my way home nearly!

I left Bhu Po school on 21st March and travelled to Kathmandu.  The journey was not uneventfull.  There was a two hour hold up from a demonstration on the the road very early on in the journey. Women had put benches accross the road to demonstrate about the road condition.  In this part of Nepal there has been a Hydo – Gas plant built, it was supported by the German government, but the contractors had left the road along this village in a dreadful dusty state.  For 2 hours the women would not let traffic through, it was a  hot and dusty wait.  Eventually 4 government officials were call out and the there was an agreement signed.  It was a good cause although I just wanted the bus to move.

Finally we got moving again and the bus got squashed with pasangers as usual.  The Nepali lady next to be decided to fall asleep on my bad shoulder, that had been strained somehow by a rock fall during my trekking.  I also had the pleasure of sitting opposite a chicken in a box, and was able to photograph its lovely head poking out of the box.

So I am here and have spent my last days  working and planning our objectives for the next year.  Actions that have to be addressed.   I have spent some time resting, and having a massage with oil, that was wonderful as my back was just getting to the stage of constant aching.  I have not done the tourist thing as I have seen everything in this area, but on my next visit I hope to go to some other remote areas.

My experience this time has opened my eyes so much.  I have learnt so much which will help me make the differences in the remote areas correctly.  I have never done my projects with all guns blazing.  I have always investigated and been careful to ensure that our families and children get the best within their cultural environment.

Binod and I have a lot to do this year, we need all the support we can get.  I have worked here now for 6 years, my experience is wide but I will continue to learn.  I love this country although it frustrates me with it’s politics, its corruption and its ignorance of the poor.   We visited the river side and spoke to the refugees in Kathmandu, the conditions were horrifying, there was no sanitation whatsoever, I asked where do you go to the toilet and they looked and me and said wherever!!  Where are the big charities why are they not here, I am always so surprised, apparently they work with the corrupt government.  I in all the time I have worked here never seen a charity worker at the sharp end, by that I mean physically visiting the people and assessing their needs.  Our UK government give aid every year enormous amounts of money, directly to the Nepali government.  They are supposed to have people working out here ensuring correct distribution of funds, someone show me where this is convince me that the money is going to the good of the country and not into the pockets of officials.  On one salary of an aid worker from one of the big charities I could do so much.  I think it is time that our government employed people that know this country and are dedicated in their heart to work for it, and are not bureaucrats.  So enough of my emotional feelings, I am dedicated and will make a difference.

So home tomorrow from here at 5am arriving at London Heathrow early on Sunday morning and I can’t wait.  I am so excited and am off to the spa this afternoon for a facial, as I have bags that I did not bring with me!!!

Home sweet home just so excited can’t wait to have all those hugs, as the loneliness has been difficult.

The blog will continue, and there will be pictures to back up my trip with a fast internet connection.

Thanks for following my trip and watch this space.





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