Village visits amazing results!!!

Hi Everyone

Doing this in the dark as there is no electric at the moment, on battery only.  There is not any electric no hot water, my geyser seems to have completely given up the ghost, and my rechargeable lamp needs charging.  I Can’t even have a cup of tea.   Well loneliness has certainly kicked in for me tonight.  But I have had an exciting and very successful visit to the mountains. So I will commence telling you of my adventures.

I left the school on Monday and got a bus to Khudi, which was reasonably uneventful apart from the bumpy ride and the overcrowding of the bus.  We stopped for some lunch when we arrived to wait for another bus going towards Bahundanda.  This was the worst bus ride ever to date.  I was sat on a tyre at first and slipping towards the open doors.  I became very nauseous as I saw the ground moving below me, and had to hold tightly on to anything I could to stop me slipping. The bus was so overcrowded.  Binod jumped off when the bus stopped at Bhubule to put my passport in.  I get a special consideration because of the charity, and do not have to pay for a permit.  While he popped to the check in office more passengers got onto the bus, it became impossible for me as I was now on the floor with my feet against a metal post to stop me moving.  I managed to get my phone from my pocket to call Binod as the bus began to move.  He said he was coming not to worry.  Then a boy shouted to me to tell me he had gone on the top, the top is like a roof rack.  It felt like this journey would never end I was beginning to feel so ill.  Eventually some people got off and I saw a seat, but this man had his hand on it.  I looked at him and could not understand what was going on until I realised that he had saved it for a new passenger.  I went crazy and said no I have been on this bus for ages bugger off and many more expletives I can assure you.   So I got the seat.

We arrived just a short trek from Bahundanda I needed the air and the walk after being cooped up like and animal for I don’t know how long!  We arrived at the guest house where we stay and had a drink; I just had to sit and start to feel real again for a while. We managed to get one of our phones to get a signal and I called my partner to tell him we had arrived safely.  We then trekked up to the village to look at a house that was for sale.  Some of you that have been following my blog will remember that we had purchased some land in Bahundanda to build a house for a family we had commenced the boundaries of the land and were about to start building.  We had just a week ago been offered a house that was adjacent to the land for 3 lack about £2,800.  I wanted to see the house and see if it would be a better idea to buy the house and also use the land that we had purchased for farming.  It would all be a great investment for us and would give so much to the village.  So we are now negotiating to buy this house.  I know it is going to be hard for us, but I am convinced that we could make the cost over the next months.

We then visited the others in the village, our dear fruit seller who has managed to buy a roof for her house with the leg up that we gave her.  We gave her 4000 r’s to stock up on fruit about a year ago.  She then set up her little business selling fruit to the trekkers.  We met all our families and they seemed so happy.  There is just so much need and so much to resolve for these people.  But the amazing thing is that such little things make big differences.  We took notes of needs and ideas.  A sewing machine was requested we will be able to manage this on our next visit.

We trekked onto Jagot after this visit ……………………. next blog.



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