More at Bahundanda (Raman and Sarita’s happy outcome) and a quick trip to Khudi

On the way back to our guest house we discussed the issue with Mongali that I mentioned in my previous blog.  I had also commented on Raman’s clean appearance when I had seen him earlier. I had noticed how much healthier he looked.   Binod said he had spoken to Bavaram,  who I had met many times as he was the cook at one of the local guest houses in Besishahar.  He is a very nice chap.  Apparently his mother has been helping take care of Raman and Sarita as they are relatives.  He knew Mongali was not looking after the two of them so his mother started to help out.

After long talks with Bavaram we decided that due to Mongali’s disappearance (we were told that she has gone off with a man – not sure where or who) that Bavaram, his mother and family should move in to the house purchased for Raman’s family. They would all be housed together and we knew that the care being given by them to Raman and Sarita would continue.  Bavaram’s mother said that she would be so happy to do this when we visited her later in the day.  The house that they lived in was a very basic shack, not unlike that which Raman was in originally.  She was so happy to be offered this home.

Bavaram's mother, eyes red with crying with happiness from hearing the news about the house

Bavaram’s mother, eyes red with crying with happiness from hearing the news about the house

Later we went to the house and saw Raman, and that Sarita was going to school.  Raman was told that his daughter had left the home and village, but he would be taken care of.  He was very happy because he knows that there are people that care.

2013 more 246

Raman looking so happy in his lovely home

2013 more 240

Sarita going to school

Here I just want to show you some real natural beauty. This girl is 17 and still as school because she has not passed her SLC.  The SLC has to be passed in all subjects, so fail one and it is a retake of all of them. So she will continue until she passes.  The SLC pass makes such a difference to your future here in Nepal.

2013 more 229

Real natural beauty, no makeup, just pure beauty. Nepali girls are so naturally beautiful. Unfortunately over the years the sun takes its toll but not until the Grandmother stage!

We dropped off just before the last ascent to our guest house at Aruna’s home.  Aruna’s story is a long sad one.  We sent her to hospital about 18 months ago with fluid on the brain. She was treated, but it looks as if too late.  She is most definitely brain damaged, but how to make her comfortable and live her life in this remote area is impossible.  In the UK we have homes and treatments, but here there is nothing.  All we can do is pay for the medicine and hope that there is a way forward.  When I am back in Kathmandu I will go to the Hospital that treated her to get a prognosis and see if there is anything more we can do.

2013 more 236

Back at the guest house, tired out, dinner and bed for me!  The following morning the sun was rising and I could not resist taking some pictures out of my square hole in the wall which serves as a window.

2013 more 0882013 more 092

That morning we got the truck to Khudi to visit our twins once again, and checked out the accommodation that they were living in.  They were both very happy to see us.  We took them for freshly cooked samosas, bought them new shoes and a cap.  They were over the moon.

A few pictures to end this blog.

2013 more 274


2013 more 280

Rama who is at Khudi school supported by us.

Here ends this trip; back to Besishahar and a day or two to rest.

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