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Our sponsorship programme commenced in January 2014.  We now have many children being sponsored.  Sponsorship is a great way to make a difference to the children in the remote area of the Lamjung district of Nepal.

What is special about Hicap’s sponsorship

We place a child and give you full details of their background.  For a minimum of £10 you can really make a difference.  Each child is given their own account, the money mounts up and we speak to the local head of their school to find out exactly what their needs are.  Your money goes directly to the child we buy the items required and deliver, unlike many charities that give the funding to the schools.

What does sponsorship give you?

With regular feedback from us it feels that you are really helping a child and its family.  You can share news with your family of the change that you are making to a child’s life, giving you a real sense of pride.  It gives your children a sense of what it is like in a country where education is a privilege rather than a right.

How does it work and how can you make it happen?

Send and email to freda@hicap.org.uk or a message through our Facebook page to tell us that you are are interested.  You can give us an idea of what gender and age of a child you would be interested in supporting.  Sometimes people like to match the age with their own child so that there can be a child to child connection. But there are many reasons for people wanting to sponsor.

Freda will send you some selected children, and await your response, there is no hard sell.  

When you have decided, you are required to set up a Standing Order.  Hicap do not use direct debits so that you have complete control over your payments. As soon as your standing order is in place your sponsorship commences.

You will be asked to send us a letter and photo of your self or your family to enable us to introduce you to your newly sponsored child.  This will happen on our next visit.  We plan to visit every 4 months, Freda herself will visit your child at least once a year.

When your money is spent you will be told what has been purchased.  Sometimes we leave money in your child’s account to buy more expensive items that are required.  For example a mattress, many children do not have the comfort, they sleep on thin mats.  

On every visit photographs are taken, we also speak to the school and parents if available at the time about the child so this will keep you up to date.  Freda works hard to ensure that you are always kept aware of situation affecting your child.  This last year for instance has been particularly difficult following the Earthquake last year.  Some children are living in cowsheds with no bedding. You will also receive drawings and letters.  You can always email Freda if you have any concerns.  We give a one to one service, sometimes there can be a time delay as we have to work with our Project Manager in Nepal, there is a time difference and electricity and political issues can affect our communication.

Sponsors also enjoy sending parcels and letters to their child, either to Nepal, or via Freda when she visits, but of course Freda’s luggage has a weight restriction.


Sponsors comments  

Thank you so much for this lovely heart-warming email. We all sat round the kitchen table tonight and read your email together. We are all so pleased that Ashika is happy to be sponsored by us and has received our picture. We are also pleased that she managed to have a few little gifts of a warm hat, coat and sandals.

Thank you so much for sharing this with me.  I will be sure to let our supporters know the type of work, opportunity and hope that their kind donations bring. (this is from a business that sponsors)

Gorgeous! x

That’s great. He looks like one of my children with muck all around his mouth and snot candles running from his nose 😊

Glad we could brighten up his day and I’ve forwarded this to my Mum Lorraine who will also be happy she is still being regarded as beautiful at her age – in some parts of the world!

Hicap can promise you that you will make a direct influence on your child.  Sponsorship gives these children a real sense of pride, we have seen families change, they become proud of their children.  Freda was amazed by the changes during her last visit.  One child even read his sponsors letter himself in English, remarkable in a remote very poor school.

Updated Feb 2020

Freda Casagrande