Charity Supporters

Hi-Cap is generously supported financially by charity supporters, including the volunteering of time by our Trustees, as well as individuals, charitable, and corporate bodies.

Elucidate Contractor Services (An ECS Company) Have been very generous to us over the last 9 years.  Their regular support makes such a difference to us.

Cartlidge Morland have also give us regular support over the last 3 years for which we thank them.

Caytco Import S.L. Have supported after seeing our original work in Pokhara.  What a difference their contribution makes.

We would also like to acknowledge the generous contribution of £10,000 of funding in 2012 by Futures For Kids and another contribution in 2013.This money has  enabled us to provide much needed improvements at seven schools presenting them with a variety of Sports, Science, computer equipment.  Even better in 2014 we were given further funding to build a hostel in Simpani which is now finished.  FFK continue to give us funding to help with our families during this dreadful time as we are working to recover some type of order to the area after the Earthquake on 25th April 2015.

More recently we have been supported by Graham and Green who are promoting us.

We give thanks to our sponsors, join them today and help us to support children and families in the Himalayan region of Nepal.