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Hicap UK to the rescue

Hicap UK to the Rescue This story began in November 2008. Suman was living in a remote village, he had no hope of ever receiving an education, trekking to school was just impossible, until one day Freda Casagrande arrived in his village the founder of Hi-cap UK. Sumans feet were twisted and the village begged…
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The Personal Touch

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the real results of your work!   Hicap really reap humanitarian results.  Our recent visit to two of our supported villages, trying to get things back to a reasonable way of life.  Project Manager Binod has been busy doing a real job, checking all the families needs in…
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Remarkable Work!


Hicap UK have been working hard to reinstate some order in the remote villages of the Lamjung District of Nepal , it has not been easy but we are really getting somewhere.  What have we managed to achieve so far: The commencement of the rebuilding of our house that was completely demolished by the second Quake. This…
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Living with Aftershocks without Aid

  Retuning back to Kathmandu was no mean feat driving on roads lined with mountains.  Rocks were falling and blocking parts of the road.  There was fear everywhere. We saw trucks smashed, ambulances were out in full force.   Contacting people was difficult people were in turmoil about their families.  We drove slowly with Suman ( a sponsored…
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Big Fish Making Money Out of the Poor

GIVE ME A BREAK In Besishahar just before our trip to the schools that we support.  We decided to stay at a better hotel, they had offered us a good deal and we had to leave the car somewhere safe before our trip. I just had to blog there is nothing else for it.  I…
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