A Reminder of What Hicap DID in 2014


2014 was a hard year but, also a year were we  broke through barriers.  We decided to branch out and start a volunteering programme.

This have been very successful.  Two young women approached us separately and through hard work, determination and the utter dedication of Binod we made it happen.  See Caroline dancing with the locals and Sintija with Binod.  Both girls agreed that they had a wonderful time an experience never to be forgotten.  We arranged homestay for them, fed them looked after their every need.  Binod was on call all the time for any problems.  Their programme was well managed.  The beauty of our volunteering is that it is tailor made for you, duration type of work you decided. The success of this has driven us on.  We hope to have more volunteers in 2015.




Sponsorship has got to be another pleasurable highlight.  Faces of amazed children when told they have someone to care for their education. It moved Binod so much when he told the children, I was overcome with emotion to know that these children will have the opportunity of an education and a little support with food.  We now have 15 sponsored children and aim for more than doubling than in 2015.

From the top to bottom Anjali, Milan, Sanjay.

  The last highlight has been to receive funding to build a hostel for the children that trek for 2 hours to and from school and attend Simpani school.  FFK have given us the £16,200 which we applied for to build the Hostel. After 2 years of trying and not giving up we got it!!!  The work will commence after Christmas, the contracts with the school have been signed and everything is planned.  I will be going out to Nepal at the end of February for a month to see have of it half completed.  I will visit again in September for the completion of the hostel.  It will be an amazing achievement for Hi-Cap UK and we thank FFK so much for donating to us and trusting us in this project.  See below the picture of the abandoned site 2 years ago soon you will see it transformed.

 Finally I have to say thank you to you all for supporting Hi-Cap this year 2014.

As you know we do everything to make sure that our experiences are shared with you as much as possible. 

I thank all of the New Sponsors in helping us to change children’s lives.  Sponsors pictures and communications will be out to you as soon as possible, Binod has only just returned from his trip, I am waiting for all the pictures and stories.

But I have this one of, proud, Ashika in her new uniform.  How cute is she!  Sponsorship can be a wonderful experience if you have not tried it yet commit yourself to one of our kids and get more return than any shares can give on the stock exchange!!! 



Tashi delek

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