Bringing Hicap UK into 2016

New Year’s Message from Hicap UK 

It is a difficult one this year, for obvious reasons. 

2015 started very positive, with funding from Futures For Kids to build a hostel.  This all happened without incident, it was our first large project and amazingly everything went to plan.

Here I am in Early April inspecting the building.


I managed to get to see all our sponsored children it was hard work getting around to everyone, but it was an amazing visit all the children were so happy to see me.  My work brings me so much joy. Knowing that we are giving these children hope for a better future.  Supporting the schools helps to show the teachers and the children that someone cares. As sponsorship is really so rewarding for the children and their sponsors.

Visit 2013 051

 As we travelled back after this visit, feeling success in our hearts.  We stopped off with a child in tow Suman who was due for a hospital check-up.   We experienced the most traumatic horrifying journey, the Earthquake struck the earth tremored.  You have all heard my account of what happened by now, if you have not please check out my account on the website under my blogs. 

So we started off pretty good, but the 25th April changed mine and the people of Nepal’s lives for ever.  Nothing I hope in mine of their lives will come near seeing the devastation and horror that day and many days after. Many of our supporters helped us with funding, to deal with the emergency situation. Our area Lamjung were stuck and still are in a dreadful state.  2015 and will remain a dreadful year for us, getting back to normal is not something that I can see in the near future. 

Many of you will have followed the news regarding the blockade from India, a very political situation that is affecting the Nepali people.  There are times when politicians have to forget their fights and think of their people.  At the moment petrol is over £4 a litre, and the supply of food and cooking gas is fast getting worse.  I speak to my support regularly and continue to get negative  news.  We manged a visit to some of the schools and children in September we are planning another very soon.  We have got together all the clothes, shoes, bedding for the children sponsored by many of you.  We have also prepared the items for our Annual Art competition, but the cost of the visit is very, very expensive, and funding is short. All costs have increased, to send my project manager this time is estimated to cost £800 rather than £200 which is our normal trip cost.  

Since the Earthquake we have managed to build 27 temporary homes, and rebuild 2 houses, one of them our own house that houses Twins that were orphaned 2 years ago. We have provided many mosquito nets, and tried to give our villages hope.  But there is only so much a small charity like us can do, but unfortunately we are the only people working in this area.  We are now seeing children attending school again we hope that this will continue. 

This year 2015 has been so very hard to for the people of Nepal 9000 deaths were recorded due to the Earthquake.  If that was not enough the tremors still continue, there is a blockade by India stopping food, petrol, and other fuels getting to Nepal, the people have recently had no electricity at one time none for three days.  The situation is dire.  It has with no doubt been the hardest year ever in the 10 years of Hicap.  

My own resolution for 2016 is to make sure that I do my utmost to help the children in the Schools that we support in Lamjung and never give up on them or their families. 

Hicap’s New Year Message for 2016 is to ask you all to spare a thought to those that are in this terrible situation, with no help from others. With no infrastructure to deal with the trauma and the aftermath of this dreadful distraction. As you toast your new year remember there are many that would be happy with a cup of clean water, some basic food and somewhere warm to sleep, as many in our area are still under plastic covering. 

Unfortunately I have to ask for money as that is the only way Hicap can help.   So we ask you to please donate to our building programme the link is below if possible, any amount will make a difference. 

Sponsorship is another way to make a difference to a child’s life, and if you are interested please email me for more information. 

I leave you with this picture, of me delivering some items to a sponsored child Dilsha. All the families are overjoyed when we visit, please help us to continue to put smiles on the faces of these children.  You will note that Hicap don’t show the depravity like many adverts they show the joy of the children receiving your help.

twins 5

 With very best wishes to you all for 2016 I hope it will be a successful year for US and YOU

Freda Casagrande

CEO and Founder of Hicap UK

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