Hicap UK to the rescue

Hicap UK to the Rescue

path - nepal visit October-Nov 2008 151

This story began in November 2008. Suman was living in a remote village, he had no hope of ever receiving an education, trekking to school was just impossible, until one day Freda Casagrande arrived in his village the founder of Hi-cap UK. Sumans feet were twisted and the village begged us to help. We put out a call for help to all our supporters.  Suman was taken to Kathmandu Hospital.  We with his parents permission had his feet operated on to straighten them.  Suman seen here with one of our sponsors who visited him during his time in hospital.  

gill and suman

Sunams in plaster

It took 2 years in Kathmandu to get walking properly.  It was a struggle and there were many tears.

2010 visit to project areas 027

Finally in early 2013 he was back with his family and had learned so much.  Was trekking to school every day and enjoying his life

Trip Jan 2012 - March 2012 195

 Here he is all grown up in Kathmandu in new trainers this was taken after the Earthquake this year


Wonderful stories from Hicap, we have so many more.

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