The Personal Touch

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the real results of your work!  

Hicap really reap humanitarian results.  Our recent visit to two of our supported villages, trying to get things back to a reasonable way of life.  Project Manager Binod has been busy doing a real job, checking all the families needs in Khudi and Simpani villages.  

He met the families of the children that have personal sponsors through us in the UK.  Showing how Hicap are giving them hope by making sure they are available for support.  After suffering such a dreadful disaster these people don’t only need stuff they need care and compassion and that is how we are working. Joyti receiving much needed books, her mother in her temporary home giving her story to our project manager Binod who always deals with their needs with true compassion.  

Joyti Hicap sponsorship support

At Hicap UK we really care


19th August 2015

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