Revisit for Earthquake Anniversary

2015/ 16 Has not been a great time for Hicap UK.   I am off again on one of my visits.  I hope to visit every school that we support and speak with as many children as possible.

The sponsorship programme is going great, as sponsor share their experiences and tell how the programme works.  Comments from sponsors below are really appreciated by us, as I myself run the programme and make every effort to make it work.  It is not always seamless, as  we  struggle sometimes with the remoteness of the area in which we work and of course we had to re plan several times during the beginning of 2016 because the petrol blockade.

Lisa says:

“I sponsor a young boy & feel happy that my £10 a month goes directly towards things he needs for his education. We receive lovely letters from him & see photos, it is also nice for my own son to have contact with a similar age child in another country learning about his different way of life & culture. I recommend sponsoring a child through Hi-Cap UK as you can be assured your money is going directly to where it’s so desperately needed”

Yolanda says:

“I sponsor a child and I can honestly say its the best thing I have ever done. To know my little money every month pays for my child’s education and uniform and to know i am making a huge difference is the best feeling ever. My child didn’t look happy in her photo but in recent photos she has a lovely little smile on her face. Best feeling ever to see and know I am helping her.”…….

Please sponsor me and my brother



A letter from a sponsored child


Yubarj sponsorship has made such a difference to him!

Sponsorship is an easy way to make a difference from just £10 a month you can change a life

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