Big Fish Making Money Out of the Poor


In Besishahar just before our trip to the schools that we support.  We decided to stay at a better hotel, they had offered us a good deal and we had to leave the car somewhere safe before our trip.

I just had to blog there is nothing else for it.  I am surrounded by large charity organisations on a jolly or sorry a networking weekend.  They are having a great time, the money spent on this jolly could educate so many of  the children in this area for the rest of their lives.

I have trouble in dealing with this corporate inclusion of charities, they are meeting business’s. Many would say that it is like business. But I have to say the whole thing makes me so very very angry.  I am in the same room as them now. They are speaking loudly and obviously know nothing about this country. They have never experienced what we experience, the hard trekking the toilets in the rock of the mountain. They have certainly not come face to face with real poverty and of course have little empathy with it.

This blog actually rings more true after the devastation that we have just seen.



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  1. carl and sammy

    After searching and searching for your card I found it in my bag and am so relieved that we did. I’ll send you the pics like I said I would if its not too late? I guess its more than difficult being forced to rub shoulders with people who have the funding that you would like, but lack the knowledge and understanding that you have made the effort to achieve. We were just blown away by your passion and love for the people that you work with. In the future, we intend to make business. When we do, it will be charity focussed and yours will be at the front of our list. You are an inspiration to grassroots charities and an inspiration for people to get up off their backsides and act for something that they care about. You can reach me at carlelliott84 . our hearts go out to the people affected by the earthquake and we will be visiting Nepal with the hope of providing at least some assistance. Love Sammy and Carl x x x


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