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Dear Supporters

I thought that it would be a good idea to update you of the situation in our project area at the moment. This year the Monsoon has come and has had disastrous effects. It has hit the poor in the Mountainous regions of Nepal drastically, the more wealthy have been airlifted by helicopter and taken up residence in Kathmandu. The monsoon this year has resulted in 99.9% of the people having to leave their homes. The villagers in our project area have been displaced by the Marshyangdi River level rising after non-stop rain for a week. They are living in the jungle areas to escape and are unable to go back to their homes. Food is being shared by the families, there is a dread of when they return to their homes the rebuilding will be difficult and expensive. Trucks have been overturned there is no way of transport to or from the villages to get materials up there is going to be hazardous.

One particular family that we have on our project list has had their house virtually collapse, we hope to raise enough money to rebuild their home. Our project manager Binod after making various phone calls in-between having no connectivity, has managed to place them with another family for the time being while we try to get the funds together and people to repair their home.

This is the family, I originally met her in 2008, and met her and her husband this year.
She is deaf and dumb and he is blind

During this period we have been in the process of buying a house for one of our families, we knew that the Monsoon this year would probably take their home, it has completely been washed out I have to say for the second time. But the house owner of the house that we are buying has allowed this family to move in after just 2 payments of 60,000R’s we have a further 3 payments to make.

There have been schools closed as whole village areas have been washed away. School Bhanu Ma who enters our art competition has been closed for several weeks now, the little equipment that they had has been washed away along with the river flood.

This is a desperate and emergency situation. Binod our project manager has been in touch with all the people there and will be taking a risk with a group of people later this week to go up and try to access the damage and provide some materials to recoup the loss of these peoples homes. We will try to take up corrugated tin and other materials.


please donate through our website: www.himalayanculturalconservation.org

My personal message: is that I actually feel so helpless and frustrated, I know so many of these families. Our Charity in comparison to large charities can do so little but it seems that we are the ones in the middle of this devastation knowing it and trying to deal with it.

So please help us, so that we can get some people up there with materials. This is basic stuff without you we cannot help. I hope that one day our Hi-Cap UK will have emergency funds to deal with these situations. One day, one day!!

Freda Casagrande
Founder and Manager
Hi-Cap UK
Mobile number: 07968524379
Land Line: 01206791591
We at Hi-Cap UK are devoted to the Orphans and families of the remote areas of the Himalayas. Our hopes and plans are to improve their lives by providing, to as many of them as possible, shelter, food, improved health and basic education, eventually training them to earn a basic living to help others in the area, at the same time retaining their culture.

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