New Years Day Competition picture

A bird in the mountains where I live

 Nearly there now not long to go, still seem to have a list to work through that gets longer rather than shorter. 

My OU work is progressing slightly and hopefully will be nearly up to date before I get on the plane so that I can pull it together at our office in Kathmandu. 

I have been surprised at my familys concern regaqrding my trip ensuring that I have every thing that I need!  I have been given presents of so many thermals I am sure that I will keep warm.  The last minute packing will take place tomorrow so that I don’t rush around at the last minute ha!ha!! most unlikely. 

I have mentioned that we have had the drawings judged by my sister and they have been outstanding this year as you can see in the opening of my blog.  I will be posting the winners gradually the first one is today. 

I thank you for all your wishes so far and I hope to hear more from you soon.



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