Shocking Facts about the Women of Nepal

When I myself am in Nepal, I feel uncomfortable about what I hear from others about the treatment of women.  Many men are violent towards their wives, it is considered normal. A headmaster once bragged to me about his violence to his wife.  He actually said he was astonished how a country could actually have a Queen!,I am not a Royalist but that shocked me.

To find that young women during the time of the Menstruation are banished from sharing food at the table.  They are considered dirty.  The woman cannot prepare food, as everything she touches becomes untouchable, contaminated. Sanitary towels are not used by many just rags, that are washed to be reused.  

In the remote areas, women are banished to the cow shed, until her period has finished, the she will have a bath, this is signified as purifying her so that she can be allowed in the home and the kitchen again and eat with the family.

Education of course is the only way forward here, firstly cleanliness, but understanding that such a thing is natural. Without education in the remote areas this will not change.


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Freda Casagrande

13th April 2016


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