Typical trip plan to make a difference. Written by Binod our project manager in Nepal


Family in Old Jagot a remote village

Family in Old Jagot a remote village


This trip will be specially focussed on the installation of  a new watermill for Suman’s Dad. Having this Watermill will not only help Suman’s family to make extra earnings but also help the whole community and nearby villages.  Presently people have to trek up and down to get their maize ground.

I will gather information about the child development centre.  I will need to speak the people in the community and perhaps other officials in the area.  This is a project that Hicap is interested in as it has been abandoned by another charity.  Freda has requested me to get as much information about it as possible, before Hicap even contemplates its involvement.

I will undertake the distribution of the school uniform for Bahundanda and Jagot children. New school bags will also be distributed.  Science Lab equipment will be delivered to Amar School and tin for the roof of women’s block from Old Jagot.. I will definitely have our signs put up with the Hi-Cap name on the house that we own and our sign supporting Bahundanda village for tourists to see.

DAY1              Will leave Kathmandu early as usual so that I can arrive at besishahar in good time. This will give me some time to clean the flat and time to rest before the trip and same time. I will be making the trip with a friend who is supporting us on the installation of the watermill.  I will negotiate with the tin suppliers for women’s block on the same day.

DAY2              I will arrange for the truck  to get bags, tins and watermill equipment  delivered to  their respective villages. I will then take a bus to khudi. I do need to check twins and Rama at school and see the accounts. I need to settle due bills for our children in private residential education. I will then go to the Amar school  to deliver science materials  I will also get all details of  another 15  children needing sponsorship.

DAY3 &4       I will get the early truck from khudi to Jagot. Watermill materials would have arrived on 2nd day. I have arranged manpower that is required by telephone. Watermill provider has suggested that   we take special notice on water flow pattern of the river so that the mill has sufficient water flow all the year round.  This is a bit of technical issue so I would like to spend 2 days at Jagot so that we ensure that the mill in placed correctly.

DAY5             I would have completed the watermill Job by Day. I would then start my trek to chyamche to distribute new bags. While at chyamche I will see the women from old Jagot and  ensure the tin roofing has been delivered..

I will arrange for Suman to come to Kathmandu for a hospital follow-up appointment. I will also check with Bijay.  I would arrange to get to bahundanda same day.

DAY6              At bahundanda, I will collect uniforms from tailor and distribute at  the school.  I will give out the new bags at the same time. Will also check the state of bags distributed earlier. While at bahundanda will arrange for Sushmita to come to Kathmandu for hospital appointment. I will also update on Aruna’s health.

I will check Sanjay and his grandfather Raman see how they are getting on at the house being looked after by Baburam’s family.

DAY7              Will arrive besishahar on first truck from bahundanda and rest. Enjoy my own good cooking. Will speak with flat owner and pay her rental along with electricity bills.

We do so much work see here a child whose life was save by our intervention a year ago.  We continue to check the welfare of the this child and work towards futures for children that otherwise would have not had a life.


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Freda Casegrande, working to make a difference without question or  boundaries.


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